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In the Ink with Mark Alstott — Is it the floors?

In The latest “In the Ink” vlog Mark Alstott, Manager of New Business Development, explains the significance of our famous wooden floors!

We Just “get it.” Got it?

We all know people who just seem to have it all figured out. Good hair. Nice car. Lots of friends. An air of confidence. Always a buck in their pocket. You know the type. They have that ever-elusive “It Factor.” Interestingly, a Mossberg & Company customer told us recently that we have “it.” Not sure…
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Have Your Donuts and Eat Them Too — 6 Tips for Mixing Social Media with Business

I was a dabbler at first, Abercormbie and Fitch fumbling my way along trying to figure out the proper use of hashtags and status updates. I started out with Facebook and Twitter, eventually joining LinkedIn and Pinterest. And even though I Abercormbie and Fitch uk was connecting with my clients, I didn’t understand the real…
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In The Ink: The Mossberg Family

In The latest “In the Ink” vlog Mark Alstott, Manager of New Business Development, explains the legacy of family at Mossberg & Company.

5 Answers to Your Color Management Questions

Last week Mossberg & Company was able to participate in an informative luncheon put on by the American Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne. Did you miss it? That’s okay… we took some good notes for you! The guest speakers included our very own Prepress and Color Manager, Manny Patelidas, and Michele Pistone from Neenah Paper.…
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Why Color Matters to Your Brand

The brain responds to color the same way it responds to pleasure or pain. Color triggers responses within the brain and through out the central nervous system. The correct perception of color has been one driver of human evolution. Once a human identifies a color, there is an instant chemical reaction in our brain that…
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Three Reasons Why Companies Should Give Back

Now that I have that off my chest… Supporting your local community is a good thing to do no matter how great or small the contribution and sometimes making money can be an indirect result. Volunteering with your local community can position your company as a support system for the people around it. It will…
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In The Ink—Where Can I Find the Shotguns?

Mossberg & Company shares a very familiar name with a famous fire arms manufacturer, O.F. Mossberg and Sons. This similarity causes a lot of confusion and usually leads to our email inboxes being filled with questions about shotguns and accessories. Join Mark Alstott, Manager of New Business Development, as he embarks on a journey through…
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Printing Industry

Printing Ink and the Environment  Printing inks are made from oil, pigment, solvent and varnish. Petroleum-based oil and solvent are the major contributors to the amount of VOCs emitted. Mossberg & Company uses inks that contain vegetable and Agra-based oils such as soy, tung, sunflower and linseed oil. These oils are produced from a renewable…
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Give Back—How Do I Choose the Right Charity?

When choosing organizations to support, it is good to think about their impact on the world around you. That can include the big ball where we all live or the local or regional communities and churches that touch our lives daily. We can also support the industry associations that support our businesses. And don’t forget…
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