Three Reasons Why Companies Should Give Back

Three Reasons Why Companies Should Give Back

Now that I have that off my chest… Supporting your local community is a good thing to do no matter how great or small the contribution and sometimes making money can be an indirect result. Volunteering with your local community can position your company as a support system for the people around it. It will help to build a stronger culture within your company, better relationships with your employees and customers, and will ultimately help you be more successful. Getting involved in the community can provide a boost to the business’s public image in ways that paid advertising could never do.

Here are 3 reasons why small businesses should be involved with their community:

1.    Grow a relationship with your community.

Local communities and potential customers appreciate businesses that give back to the community. Many people show loyalty to local businesses that care about the town or surrounding area where they do business.  Volunteering at community events encourages networking, is a strong team-building exercise and a morale-boosting experience for all involved. Having a strong community reputation will help attract the best local talent to your company when you are growing and hiring too.

Can’t figure out the best way to support your community? Check out these ideas:

  • Sponsor a sports team
  • Support local charities with your money and your time
  • Offer your building as a spot to hold community meetings
  • Encourage employees to volunteer and consider allowing time away from the office to do it
  • Create a scholarship fund
  • Look for organizations to support that have similar core values to your company
  • 2.    Build a better relationship with your employees.

    Even in a small company it can be difficult to interact with every single employee. People are usually concentrated on their work, engaged in technology or wrapped up in customer issues. Volunteering as an organization can give employees the opportunity to connect with coworkers on a different level. Involving your employees provides an opportunity for them to work toward a common goal that is outside the normal day-to-day tasks. Not to mention, working for a company that cares feels good and promotes a stronger culture, especially when the organization you are supporting strikes to the heart of your staff with similar values to your own. Employees will get a sense of fulfillment that is greater than the paycheck they receive each week.

    3.    Become a local expert.

    Become a local expert. Build trust in your brand by becoming a go-to source of information. Content marketing is a concept that many businesses are using to showcase their expertise and position the company as an industry leader. Write articles, celebrity blog for another company or give a presentation at a local event. Showcase your company’s values and knowledge and you can attract potential customers who respect your company’s innovative approach.

    These are just a few reasons why every business should look for ways to support their local communities. If you are not supporting your community already, consider starting a committee to develop a plan to start. Get organized and start reaping the benefits of paying it forward right away.

    Mossberg & Company has a long history of giving back.  Along with the corporate donations managed by our board of directors, our employees have an active Charitable Donation Program. We donate $1 to wear jeans on casual Fridays.  We also donate money for raffles and prizes throughout the year and participate in community events when opportunities arise. All monies collected by employee efforts are donated to local charities and a new charity is selected each quarter. We never have trouble finding volunteers to serve on the Charitable Donation committee and we certainly never run out of worthy local organizations in need of our support. It is something that we can all be proud of and something that speaks to our shared core values.

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