Whether you’re just getting started or shipping 100,000 orders each month, Mossberg & Company will be able to integrate with your existing solutions to make the transition as smooth as possible, saving your company valuable time and money!


Our facility features secure, climate controlled and restricted access areas. Our procedures and processes are certified quality compliant by multiple third-party auditors.


Mossberg’s strategic location means your materials can reach more than 40 million Americans in one day via ground transportation.


We are experts in Fulfillment Services for E-Commerce companies. We also provide expert Kitting and Custom Order Assemblies, and a fully managed Returns Management program. 

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Case Study

On-line Ordering Fulfillment in Less than 30 Days

A large boot manufacturer wanted to make their product directly available to consumers in addition to selling through specialty retailers and retail web sites. The manufacturer wanted an e-commerce site where consumers could view their entire product line, place orders, and receive the boots directly from the company. 

The selection criteria for their fulfillment partner was high—the site needed to go live in one month, they required a warehouse within one day delivery of their corporate headquarters and they needed to reach the majority of their consumer customers using 2 day ground delivery.

The Solution

– Reconfigure the current warehouse space and expanded racking locations for 1,200 new SKU’s. 
– Dedicated trained staff on customer expectations and Mossberg’s precise quality requirements. 
– Accept and process orders within the one month timeline and exceeded the customer’s “Go Live” date expectations.

The Result

– Customers are now able to buy high end outdoor boots from the nearest computer or smart device and receive them in time for weekend activities.
– The manufacturer is able to add new product lines, grow sales and margins because of their partnership with Mossberg & Company.