In Store. On Time. On Budget.

We work with our retail marketing customers to reduce cycle time, drive out costs and provide high impact graphic communications to their stores. 

Creating the in-store signs closer to the day the merchandise goes on display allows the retail merchants and product managers to make better marketing decisions based on much more current market conditions. 

Retail Chain Automates Workflow for in-Store POP Signage.

With over 170 stores and 10,000-plus item and price signs in the stores at all times, the creative and production process for getting shelf talkers and small format POP signs to the stores was incredibly labor and time consuming. The cycle for most campaigns was 3 to 4 months. Working so far in advance resulted in missed opportunities for creating in-store signage based on most recent information from the market. Last minute changes were frequent as were errors. In addition to the current challenges, the company plan for adding over 40 stores per year includes a new plan for regional merchandise and regional pricing. This versioning added much more complexity to an already daunting process. This customer needed to find a new way of doing things.


Mossberg’s retail solutions team met with the client and mapped out their workflow. Our team was able to identify delays, waste, and tedious manual processes. Then we went to work to develop a process that would allow reaction to market information in REAL
time, produce in-store
marketing in a 3 to 4 week
cycle and take 50% of
the labor out of the creative/
production process.

The new process incorporates template-based automation for the creative process, a searchable data base for warehousing digital assets, automated distribution of proofs and internal information and low-cost printing, kit packing and

The cycle time for the creative/production process was reduced by over 75%. 
Labor costs were reduced by almost 50%. Marketing managers were able
to focus on strategy rather
than micromanaging the
production process, and the
creative team is only involved in oversight now.

The new 
process easily provides for local and regional versioning/pricing with immediate distribution of proofs to the appropriate
merchant partners for
approvals and input. 

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