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4 Reasons Why Variable Data and Personalization Lead to Higher Response Rates

Personalization is one ingredient in direct marketing that has demonstrated, time and time again, a higher return on investment. Personalized variable data on a printed piece allows you to speak directly to the recipient, addressing their specific interests and needs. Speaking directly to an individual instead of the masses tends to lead to a higher…
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Digital Print – A Packaging Design Revolution

Recent innovations in digital print are helping to save time, labor and waste in the creation of packaging. Package designers are beginning to realize that they have the option to produce short-run, promotional package designs and realistic prototypes on digital equipment. As such, the packaging market is currently experiencing a package design revolution. There are…
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The Growth of the Private Label

[su_column size=”1/3″][/su_column]Frozen vegetables, canned foods, light bulbs, trash bags, and allergy medicine all have one thing in common – you can find all of these products on the shelf at the grocery store under a generic store-brand. No matter what product, nationally recognized name brands tend to cost more than their generic “store-brand” or “private…
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In The Ink With Mark Alstott – Shrink Sleeve Labeled Cans

Check out our latest Vlog where Mark Alstott chats about our newest equipment and why cans are making a comeback in the craft brew industry:  

Comparing Today’s Labels: Which Do I Choose?

Many variables go into choosing the correct label for your product, like the material, finish, adhesive, and cost just to name a few. So, how do you choose which label is the right fit? [su_heading size=”21″]Cut Sheet[/su_heading] Cut sheet labels are versatile, with an entire library of paper and film options. They are an economical…
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In The Ink – With Mark Alstott Happy Spring!

A great story for the first day of Spring! In the Ink ‪vlog with Mark Alstott:

Aaaahhh Valentine’s Day

Thankfully, my mom did not win the name argument when I was born so I escaped being named Valentina! I can distinctly remember the year that I threw a little bratty fit and informed my parents that I did not want a heart shaped, pink and red cake anymore. I have often suffered through the…
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In The Ink – Where are Your Pictures?

Check out the latest vlog here:

New Year’s Reflections….

New Year. New Budget. New Strategy. New Direction. New new new new new…. For me, the day marks an opportunity to make attitude adjustments. After all, the only thing we can really control is ourselves. This week is a great time to evaluate how the past year has gone. Are you happy with the year…
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Happy Holidays!

For many of us, the Holiday season is also the end of our fiscal year and one of our busiest quarters, if not THE busiest quarter. While we have a head full of personal to-do lists, at our jobs we still have a few items left to complete before year end. And let’s not forget…
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