Comparing Today’s Labels: Which Do I Choose?

Comparing Today’s Labels: Which Do I Choose?

Many variables go into choosing the correct label for your product, like the material, finish, adhesive, and cost just to name a few. So, how do you choose which label is the right fit?

[su_heading size=”21″]Cut Sheet[/su_heading]

Cut sheet labels are versatile, with an entire library of paper and film options. They are an economical and efficient way to decorate or market your product. Cut sheet labels can be used as a publication insert, promotional handout or a sticker sheet to boost your marketing effort.

Benefits of Cut Sheet Labels:

• Several substrate options are available: white, clear, metalized film, wet-strength and metalized paper.
• Cost effective.
• High volume production.

[su_heading size=”21″]Pressure Sensitive[/su_heading]

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When you are increasingly relying on package differentiation to grab consumers’ attention you want to show the quality of your brand through a premium look. Pressure sensitive labels are applied with light pressure and can adhere to most surfaces and containers. Pressure sensitive labels can handle a multitude of applications because they work with a variety of label stocks like papers, films and foils.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Labels:

• A wide variety of papers, films and specialized materials accommodate most innovative design ideas.
• Scratch resistant and ultimate moisture resistant.
• Provides greater design and production flexibility with fewer limits on shape and size. Intricate die cuts and virtually invisible edge lines are possible.
• Much lower scrap from tearing, jams and mislabeled bottles.
• When taking into account application and adhesive expense, they are often a very cost-effective option.

Pressure sensitive labels are especially popular in the food and beverage market, household and health industries.

[su_heading size=”21″]Shrink Sleeve[/su_heading]

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With more choices than ever before, businesses need a way to differentiate from their competitors. Shrink sleeve labels are a relatively new type of label that has been making a name for itself in the label industry for several reasons. Shrink sleeve labels are constructed from a film material that shrinks to a product’s surface when heat is applied rather than using an adhesive. This type of labeling allows the graphics to be printed around the entire circumference as well as take the shape of the product’s container.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels:

• The full body design allows for more creativity with graphics.
• High quality graphics create a high-end look and feel, which adds value to the product.
• The sleeve film is durable, scratch resistant and waterproof.
• Eliminates custom printed containers. Shrink sleeve material seamlessly fits onto many uniquely shaped bottles and containers.
• One-off prototypes and short runs for market testing.

Many industries are rapidly adopting the 360° graphics that custom shrink sleeve labels provide. Shrink sleeves are very popular in food and beverage markets, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, household cleaning and cosmetic products.

It is easy to let the cost and graphics dictate your entire label decision. However, many variables come into play when deciding. What is the end use of your label? How is it being shipped and sold? Who is consuming it? Will the product be in a freezer or an ice bath? What is the shape of your container? Can this product be recycled? Are you concerned about the sustainability? You catch my drift… the best way to navigate through all of these considerations is to communicate with your label supplier throughout the entire design and production process.

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