4 Reasons Why Variable Data and Personalization Lead to Higher Response Rates

4 Reasons Why Variable Data and Personalization Lead to Higher Response Rates

Personalization is one ingredient in direct marketing that has demonstrated, time and time again, a higher return on investment. Personalized variable data on a printed piece allows you to speak directly to the recipient, addressing their specific interests and needs. Speaking directly to an individual instead of the masses tends to lead to a higher response rate. So, here is the question: how do I speak to the customer?

1. No More One-Size-Fits-All Promotion
Marketers can generate custom content based on specified demographics like gender, age, income brackets, interests and industry. Customers no longer have to be a part of the one-size-fits-all promotion. Instead, marketers can create a custom piece that will grab the recipient’s attention.

2. Customized Design
Use your database to target backgrounds, colors, text and artwork based on individual customer demographics and recorded behaviors. Images can be customized for your specific target audience.
For example, you are running a direct mail campaign for a pet shop. Your data shows that the individual is a cat owner. An easy way to grab the attention of that recipient is to customize the postcard design with a photo of a cat on the front… instead of a bird. Simple switches like these can really have an impact on the response of the recipient.

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3. Attract the Local Market
If you are part of a company with multiple store locations, print the address most convenient for each recipient. If you want to go a step further, you could include a map where your storefront is located in relation to the individual’s neighborhood.
Another idea, depending on the campaign, you can change the phone numbers so that the recipient can contact a specific person, in a specific department, within the company.

4. Tracking the Campaign
One of the greatest advantages of using variable data printing is the opportunity to track your response rates more efficiently. This allows for unique barcodes and coupon identification numbers to be placed on your communication pieces, which would then provide you with an easier and more efficient way of tracking your results. Use the information you gather from your results on your next personalized campaign!

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