We Just “get it.” Got it?

We Just “get it.” Got it?

We all know people who just seem to have it all figured out. Good hair. Nice car. Lots of friends. An air of confidence. Always a buck in their pocket. You know the type. They have that ever-elusive “It Factor.”

Interestingly, a Mossberg & Company customer told us recently that we have “it.” Not sure exactly what he meant, but it’s always nice to hear when a customer responds positively to how you go about your business. This prompted a discussion in a recent sales meeting where we tried to define “it,” and we found it interesting that many of the words that we use to describe ourselves include the word “it.”


At Mossberg, we don’t all have good hair. Heck, some of us don’t have hair at all. We don’t all have nice cars. But we strive every day to bring a level of competence to our day-to-day jobs so that our customers can rest assured that partnering with Mossberg is good for their business. Likewise, we try to align ourselves with customers and suppliers who have the same core values. In short, it makes good business sense to seek out business partners who just “get it.” Got it?

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