COLOR 20: Why is Color so Important?

COLOR 20: Why is Color so Important?

Why is Color so Important?

Color is recognized as a very important part of branding. Why? It’s often the first thing someone remembers about a brand and impacts how they feel about a company. As you can imagine, a significant amount of thought, energy and time go into choosing the right brand color. It matters. Period.

Research by Colorcom suggests that consumers “make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.” Further research indicates that brand recognition can be increased by up to 80% by effective use of color throughout marketing, packaging and logo design. Keeping that color consistent across both digital and print is crucial for brand recognition. The right choice of color does not only strengthen the brand association but can also affect your total sales.

COLOR 20 Conference

James Hillman, President and CEO of Mossberg & Company, recently addressed the COLOR20 Conference in San Diego, focusing on how to strengthen your print message through the power of color. Brand owners and printers both want the same thing – consistent color output no matter what the product, process or technology. Achieving that can be challenging and a cause of friction.

The goal of color management is to obtain the best possible color match from creation to output, but the topic can be intimidating. Many factors can impact color, and relying on conversion tools and numbers alone won’t work. It takes a detailed eye, color matching, and lots of testing.

James walked through how brands can provide essential visual guides and tools to their print partners to ensure compliance when producing corporate brand colors across offset, digital and wide-format. A brand guideline or identity manual is a great tool for companies trying to keep brand –and their corporate message–on track. This guideline outline the company’s rules and specifications to ensure consistency by detailing such information as colors, fonts, clear space, logo usage etc.

Mossberg’s Commitment to Color

Mossberg’s commitment to color management helps achieve our objective of industry leadership in the adoption of best practices, automation and innovation. With an unparalleled dedication to accurate color in our facilities, our clients receive premium print that most importantly reflects the color they use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


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