Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Printing Industry

Printing Ink and the Environment  Printing inks are made from oil, pigment, solvent and varnish. Petroleum-based oil and solvent are the major contributors to the amount of VOCs emitted. Mossberg & Company uses inks that contain vegetable and Agra-based oils such as soy, tung, sunflower and linseed oil. These oils are produced from a renewable…
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Give Back—How Do I Choose the Right Charity?

When choosing organizations to support, it is good to think about their impact on the world around you. That can include the big ball where we all live or the local or regional communities and churches that touch our lives daily. We can also support the industry associations that support our businesses. And don’t forget…
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4 Ways to Improve Your College Recruitment Campaign

Like every business, competition is fierce in higher education. Differentiating yourself has never been more important, and a planned approach that includes the following items has yielded great results for other colleges and universities. You might want to try:   4 Ways to Improve Your College Recruitment Campaign  

Electronic vs. Print—Is it Better to “Go Paperless”?

What’s the motivation? Doing the right thing is still a good motivator, but a growing number of companies are finding benefits they never expected: becoming an industry leader, gaining recognition, and deepening relationships with employees, suppliers and customers. One of the biggest motivators is still the bottom line. Due to the high use of paper,…
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Exploring Green Technology — Lower Cost and Increase Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy costs for businesses and family homes alike. What is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency is usually referred to as using less energy to provide the same service. Energy-efficient can be a term to describe anything from kitchen appliances to computers. How…
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Retail Chain Automates Workflow for in-Store POP Signage

With over 170 stores and 10,000-plus item and price signs in the stores at all times, the creative and production process for getting shelf talkers and small format POP signs to the stores was incredibly labor and time consuming. The cycle for most campaigns was 3 to 4 months. Working so far in advance resulted…
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Mossberg & Company Inc. Continues to Expand

South Bend, IN – Mossberg & Company Inc. is excited to announce the hiring of two new employees. Bill Knight is coming back from retirement to the position of National Account Executive. Emmanuel Patelidas is joining the company in the position of Prepress Manager. Bill Knight retired from Mossberg & Company a couple of years…
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A Campaign Management System to Smile About

A leading manufacturer of dental products found itself spinning its wheels in attempts to communicate its marketing messages across several audiences, including dentists, dental labs, sales representatives, and distributors. They approached Mossberg & Company for an on-demand solution that would utilize the internet to create personalized marketing materials. However, it was just as important to…
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Mossberg & Company Gives Back This Holiday Season

South Bend, IN-Mossberg & Company gives back to the community throughout the holiday season. At Mossberg & Company, one of the ways we judge success is how we’ve helped our community. We’re passionate about service, and there is no better time than the holidays to respond to the needs of the less fortunate among us.…
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Large Kitchen and Bath Manufacturer Sees Benefit in Inventory Management

Mossberg & Company was presented with a Request For Quotation (RFQ) containing 650 SKUs of retail and product labels from a Major Kitchen and Bath Manufacturer. The retail labels require high quality print with photographs of the product and details of the product contained inside the package. Product labels are placed directly on the products…
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