Exploring Green Technology — Lower Cost and Increase Efficiency

Exploring Green Technology — Lower Cost and Increase Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy costs for businesses and family homes alike. What is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency is usually referred to as using less energy to provide the same service. Energy-efficient can be a term to describe anything from kitchen appliances to computers. How can we go about becoming more efficient in our homes and our businesses? Let’s look at the two of the biggest ways to save money by being more energy efficient:


Energy lost through residential and commercial windows costs United States consumers about $40 billion a year. The good news is if you live in a recently built home, it probably has double-paned energy-efficient widows with low-emissivity coatings. These windows now represent more than half of all windows sold each year. “Low-emissivity” windows reduce the energy lost through normal, double-glazed windows by 35%. The reduction of energy cost is not the only positive. Getting energy efficient windows will insulate your home from unwanted noise, keep the heat in, and will reduce condensation build-up on the inside of the windows giving you a more comfortable home or business.


Lighting alone costs United States businesses and consumers more than $50 billion each year. In the typical commercial building, lighting accounts for close to 35% of electricity use, taking a bite out of your profits. Upgrading your lighting offers additional benefits including reducing the load lighting puts on air conditioning, ventilation and overall electrical system.

One of the most obvious examples of energy efficiency is the energy-saving light bulb. A compact fluorescent bulb typically uses around five times less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb. Due to the more effective new technology, the conventional incandescent light bulbs have been in the process of being phased out of stores since 2012.

Anywhere energy is used, there are opportunities to increase efficiency. In most cases, energy efficiency measures will pay for themselves over time in the form of lower energy bills. Globally, energy efficiency could result in saving billions of dollars for organizations and individuals. At a business level, research suggests that businesses can save 10% in energy costs through free measures such as automatically powering off computers at night. So the real question is: what is stopping you or your business from being more energy efficient?

What is Mossberg & Company doing to reduce cost and increase efficiency?

Mossberg & Company is doing their part to reduce cost and their carbon footprint. Recently, the company has invested in new lighting throughout the entire pressroom which will reduce kWh usage by 65.4% per month. The new energy efficient lighting has environmental benefits such as decreased air pollution and the lighting provides brighter light for the pressmen.


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