You Talking to Me?

You Talking to Me?

The University of Notre Dame, Sappi Papers and Mossberg & Company Inc. hosted a presentation by the dynamic Daniel Dejan, on September 27th, at the Eck Visitors Center on Notre Dame’s campus. The presentation was titled “You Talking to Me? and geared towards captivating a college bound audience.

With nearly 5,000 institutions of higher education in the U.S. alone, the competition to attract bright, highly motivated students is intense. For recruiting, four-year private colleges typically spent an average of $2,232.00 per new student. The kicker – only 34% of higher education institutes ranked their marketing efforts as “very effective”.

Daniel Dejan shared great advice on how universities can outshine their competition, and captivate the attention of students and their parents.  With the prevalence of social media and email, electronic communication is considered mainstream, whereas direct personalized print is a very valid way of making a meaningful connection with potential students.

Check out a few photos from the event:

Mossberg’s next event is right around the corner! Join us on the journey, Wednesday, October 25th, at Notre Dame’s Morris Inn with featured speaker Bob Crostarosa!

How do you learn more about your customers? What is your customer’s journey? You won’t want to miss it – RSVP today!

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