The Importance of Point of Purchase Print

The Importance of Point of Purchase Print

The retail point of purchase represents the time and place at which all the elements of the sale—the consumer, the money, and the product—come together. By using various communication tools, including displays, packaging, sales promotions, in-store advertising, and salespeople, at the point of purchase (POP), the marketer hopes to influence the consumer’s buying decision. Harvard Business Review

What is the main goal of POP marketing? Drive more sales. How do we do that? Stand out amongst the competition, show the product value and keep the same message across several platforms.

Well-designed displays respond to the needs of both the retailer and the consumer. The display grabs the consumer’s attention, facilitates product inspection, informs and entertains, and simulates unplanned expenditures. For retailers it increases the in-store decision rate.



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To learn more about better marketing at the Point of Purchase check out: Harvard Business Review


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