Mossberg’s Commitment to our Community

Mossberg’s Commitment to our Community

Mossberg's donation activity

My name is Janice Swindle, and I am a Strategic Account Manager at Mossberg & Company where I have worked since 1999. Our Company supports my work with a tremendous employee driven committee – a committee of 5, one from each division – that provides donations, goods and our time and services for non-profit organizations in the South Bend community. We have been continually active for the last 12 years!

Mossberg & Company’s donation activity has a long history and a foundation documented in our Core Values. Our top Core Value is “A Passion to Help and Respond to – Customers, Employees, Community”. Both Mossberg & Company Inc. and the Hillman family, support this core value and our community, through their funds at our local Community Foundation of St. Joseph County.

Donation activity typically refers to the act of giving money, goods, services, or other resources to individuals, organizations, or causes in need. For us, donation means caring and giving our unconditional service to provide a better future to our community, employees, and customers.

Janice Swindle
Janice Swindle

How active is your donation contribution?

Our goal is to donate every quarter and in general, we focus on education and the well-being of children and the elderly.

What kind of donations?

We support non-profit organizations, and depending on the charity, our donations could be monetary, needed goods or our employee’s time and services.

Why are you involved? What is the impact?

When we formed our donation team, it was a way to give back all year long and not just during the holidays. Now it’s a way to help others and by helping others you take the focus off yourself. You forget your problems and you begin to feel better about yourself.

Why is donation important to Mossberg and to you personally?

I like to think we’re doing our small part to make this a better community. Doing one small act of kindness could mean the world to someone in need.


  • Recently we ran a Warm Winter Drive allowing employees to donate new or gently used clothing and blankets for the homeless.
Warm Winter Drive
  • In the past we have adopted families through the Salvation Army, held food drives and delivered boxes of groceries to the elderly.

  • Last Christmas for the first time, we assisted the Salvation Army in their Red Ribbon Basket campaign by filling laundry baskets with common household items. (ie., laundry & dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.) These were then given to local families in need.

  • We also purchased Christmas gifts for children in Foster Care.

  • Near the beginning of a new school year, we will hold our back-to-school drive where employees can donate items needed by a teacher, classroom, or school. I find it fun to focus on one classroom. It’s amazing how excited the children get finding boxes of crayons, pencils & notebook paper in the packages we deliver.

  • Throughout the year, we’ll assist our local Veteran’s center. Our way of saying thank you for your service.

  • Sometimes the need is something simple like paper towel and toilet paper rolls. You know the cardboard rolls that are left after all the paper is gone; our local zoo uses them for play areas for the small animals.

  • In February, we will purchase Valentine Cards and the employees sign their names, these are then dropped off at area nursing homes for the residents.
Valentine Cards

And the list goes on and on. I’m amazed at the number of wonderful organizations, administrators, and volunteers you get to meet. Part of our job as team members is to educate our employees as to the missions of the organizations we choose to support and the tremendous work they do for the community.


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