Quality Assurance: Mossberg Six Points of Precision.

Assurance Integrated

No two jobs are the same; all require adherence to rigorous standards (yours and ours). Our process for providing absolute assurance begins the moment we establish a new relationship. Depending on the needs of each project, we incorporate multiple quality checks, procedures and technologies throughout all phases of our operation.

Integrity Measured

We created an in-house quality lab to test, diagnose and verify our processes and products. Among many standard functions, our specialists use highly sensitive equipment to examine the integrity of bar codes and labels, perform product inspections per ISO procedures and provide final approval of products by comparing to original job specs.

Accuracy Delivered

Overall, our process is flexible and multifaceted. We confidently handle everything from collated information packets, to pharmaceutical labels, to e-commerce. The only thing we won’t compromise is our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We use mechanical and optical systems to prevent problems associated with double sheets entering a press.

As each run of flexible labels begins, we pull a sample, scan it and check it against customer-approved file.

Folders equipped with this smart feature ensure no blank sheets, correct page orientation and that the correct copy is printed.

This technology can scan every label to validate printed copy and detects micron-level defects.

Our enhanced saddle stitcher features cameras that read for correct signatures, sequential monitoring for missing sheets and devices to detect both thickness and trim anomalies.

Our equipment’s 2D matrix bar code scanners and check-weigh systems verify that collated wrapped packets are assembled properly.