For many of our customers the text contained in the printed material we manufacture is critically important. For our pharmaceutical customers the copy is critical communication and “instructions for use” to the patient who will be using their product. For our customers marketing products the copy tells their story – features, benefits, case studies, etc… If the copy contains typos, misspelled words, grammar or punctuation errors there can be confusion and our customer’s image can be damaged. Our full time proofreader has many years of experience in checking for grammar, spelling, consistency of voice, redundancies, copy flow and typography. We also check to make sure foreign language pieces match from page to page and that the copy is fitted correctly to the layout. While almost all of our customers proofread their work before sending out for production, at Mossberg & Company, we still provide proofreading services. Many projects come in with a note attached – “Make sure Charley reviews this!” Just one more added value that we provide to ensure our customers’ work is as good as it can be.

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